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Rock and Roll

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If you pledged for the Road/Kill Kickstarter, good news! Shipping has begun. Fair warning, the biggest orders are shipping first. When mine arrives, I’ll be sure to post another blog with pictures so you will know what to expect.

If you’re coming to this party a little late, no worries. First thing in the new year, I expect to have some options to purchase Road/Kill minis online.  In the meantime, do grab a copy of the rules to get yourself familiarized!

Last week I talked about designing a team so I’m ready to get painting straight away when my stuff arrives.  I described the basics for a full sized team of the Wraiths faction, with an alternate choice of a pedestrian mob depending on the scenario.  I then showed you the first half of my team, a Centurion class heavy I call “Reaper” and the pedestrian mob I’m running. So this week, I’ll detail my pair of fast moving Viking class cars.

The first thought with this team is that a pair of Vikings give me good odds of winning initiative each turn. Further, these two will be expected to work towards  race objectives in Steelback scenarios, or run the flanks in Wasteland scenarios while Reaper engages targets up the middle.  Viking class cars are fragile, but hard to hit, so I aim to take full advantage of that. So here’s the details on both vehicles.

First up, Spectre!


Not gonna lie, Twisted Metal was an influence.

So Spectre hits pretty hard for a recon vehicle. Despite the limited ammo, missiles can ruin anyone’s day real fast.  I upgraded with a swivel rack so they can fire front or rear, too. Up front I put a Machine Gun with Venom rounds.  If ever the missiles run out, I figure Spectre can soften up targets for Reaper to finish.  Vikings need defensive weapons to stay alive, and I happen to know that as of the first rules expansion, Wraiths will favour Smokers as part of their specialized tactics.  Thus, Spectre has one in the back.  For now it works like anyone else’s Smoker, but hey, I like to plan ahead.  Defensively, Spectre is limited to a 15 max armour, but I sprang for hardened armour. Kinetic weapons are the most common, so against these, I get a +1 bonus. By maxing my armour at all facings, Spectre is effectively armour 16 against kinetics.  With a few defensive holdouts like Null Signature and Chaff, I can impose penalties to hit it each and every turn.

Next up, Draugar!


It’s got a frickin’ laser.

With both a Venomed Machine Gun and a  Laser up front, Draugar is even punchier than Spectre. It otherwise has a Smoker in the rear, the same engine and the same armour, all for the same reasons Spectre does.  It is slightly less evasive, but the Null Signature holdout is a no brainer.  Auxiliary brakes are a great option to line up targets  if you have a fixed gun like the Laser, so again, an easy choice. With the Servo link and Targeting module Holdouts, I aim to make sure I get maximum offence from this Viking. Just to mess with opponents, I also gave it the Blackout Module. While it probably doesn’t want to get within melee range, if it does, the Blackout module can deny an enemy their holdout right when they probably want it most!

Ok that’s it for now. Feel free to send me your cars, if you have a clever plan or team synergy.  Once my package gets here, I’ll blog the next few with my painting.  Oh, and I have a bonus Wastelands scenario for you coming soon too, that favours take and hold tactics with the Comms Tower objective. Stay tuned!