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Road/Kill Version 1.2

Posted by on Apr 20, 2015 in Previous Posts | No Comments

Here we go!

Took a few more days than I figured, but Road/Kill Version 1.2 is here.

What can I tell you about Road/Kill if you’re new?  It’s tabletop car combat, and it’s free to play!  It’s a game I’ve been working out over the past year or so and I’ve posted the complete rules with a print’n’play kit for folks to take out for a spin.  Meanwhile, I’m getting some miniatures ready which will be available on Kickstarter coming soon.

If you downloaded the Version 1.1 game already, here’s a rundown of what I’ve been tinkering with:

  • Re-proofed the doc and cleaned it up to be easier to read
  • Revised the rules for collisions, including Slam movement and the Instigator Follow Up.
  • Streamlined vehicle construction tables and added them to the book, rather than doing it with a fold out card.
  • Revised the scenarios based on playtest
  • Some new and some removed weapon rules
  • New example graphics throughout the doc

Here’s some screen grabs as an appetizer. Why don’t you give them a look then meet me down at the bottom?

Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10








Cool right?  Anyways I hope you’ll give the whole book a look. As I said last week, I’m determined to make the game is as good as it can be before the minis hit, but that’s only going to happen with your feedback.  Give me your two cents, or even four.

Until next week!