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On the Crafting of Battle Cars and Prehistoric Adventures

Posted by on Feb 9, 2015 in Previous Posts | No Comments

This Monday morning finds me preparing to paint some minis. 

This includes digging out my age worn painting box to inspect which paint pots have dried up and which brushes have gotten too frayed to use.  I have to confess it’s been about a year since I’ve painted anything; my focus in hobbies tends to be fairly singular.  Case in point: this past year I’ve been world-building, not figure painting. As with most things however, sooner or later you’ve got to mix it up.

So, starting next blog, I’m going to feature a short series on the hobby side of Road/Kill!  It’s already begun, really, as I visit hobby shops and toy stores alike, scavenging for suitable raw materials.   I’m going to build a few new cars with these supplies, then a gaming table and a couple terrain pieces for.  I’ll also show step by step my process with pictures for you, just like I did last year with my first Road/Kill prototypes.

Now here’s where you come in. Some of you have been making Road/Kill cars of your own, or perhaps have been considering it. So send me pictures of your work to  Why?  I’ll show your pictures as part of the series, for starters.  Better yet, I’ll choose the best submission of either a Viking, Spartan or Centurion frame as an official model.  Just as the initial car designs were given to 3d modellers to create printable files, I’ll do the same with yours if it’s chosen. So get on it!  Send me pix of your best cars! Also, make sure you to stick to the size limits! You’ll know what they are, if you have the Road/Kill kit. If you don’t have it yet, get it free right now, here:

Which leads me to mention this stuff will all be on display by the end of March.  I’ve been invited to run some demo games of Road/Kill at this years Hot Lead event in Stratford, check it out here:

You can meet me there if you like, and try to take me on with whatever car you’ve come up with.

Finally, on the subject of crafting prehistoric adventure, I’m happy to say I’m well begun on the sequel to Tales of the Invisible Hand. With an outline of about 6k words, my beats are marked from start to finish, and I can get down to the nitty gritty of hammering them out in detail.  As I’ve mentioned before, this prehistoric adventure of mine should span four books, and for now it continues to roll along!