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Warlords Roll Out!

Posted by on May 11, 2016 in Previous Posts | No Comments

And it’s about damn time.

A few things to talk about this blog!  First, for those waiting on the Road/Kill warlords I promised last month, here they are at last. More on that below. Beyond that, I’ve got some news about the webstore, oh…and Road/Kill is on tour again. I’ll be in Hamilton this coming weekend, details on that below too.

So yeah…about the webstore. A bunch of you have noticed it’s not working. The short answer about that is I’ve decided to change things up. Wix as an commerce platform isn’t cutting it for us, so for now, I’m going to keep it simple.  As of now, I’ve added a catalogue pdf to the Road/Kill page, or you can check it out right here.  Feel free to download it and send me an email if you want to place an order. I’ll set you up.

Now if you want some Road/Kill minis without paying for shipping and you happen to be in the greater Toronto area this coming weekend you’re in luck! The next gaming show I’ll be attending is Broadsword in Hamilton this May 14. If you’ve never seen Road/Kill in action, I’ll be running demos too of course, so come take me on. I’ll be fully stocked too, so whatever you need come get it.  You’re also welcome to place an order with me through the catalogue now, and if you’ll be at the show you can pick it up there for no shipping cost.

Now for those warlords. In case you didn’t read last blog, I previewed the warlords in Road/Kill, the leaders of the factions and also the most powerful cars you can play.  A reminder, these rules are considered playtest rules, and not final. Finished rules will be available when Vendetta hits later this year.  As with everything else, I’m turning them loose now so you can try them out and give me your feedback. We are already working on the models themselves, so you’ll have to use proxy models or conversions to play.

There are four of them, one for each faction in the game.  Here’s a quick summary of each:

1. Wraiths, Cutter Yolo: A vengeful and skilled driver mortally wounded yet sustained within a heavily armoured suit that protects him from all but the most powerful of attacks.  His Spartan class variant Midnight capitalizes on long range incendiary attacks that will burn most enemies before they ever get close.

2. Guard, Commander Shayna Reese: A hard nosed cop that leads her elite unit by example, both figuratively and in the rules.  Her Centurion class variant Justice is nothing less than a tank, able to chew enemies apart from any direction with the new and deadly chain gun weapon, turret mounted no less.

3. Scions, Rastor Cray: A mad cyborg prophet determined to control the population through his cybernetic mind-net, his nightmare of a Spartan class is called Scorpus for good reason.  Beyond the appearance of a Scorpion, it tends to pull enemies close with the harpoon in its stinger, only to tear them to scrap with its claws.

4. Vipers, Lucia Yeung: A determined guerrilla commander and expert sniper, Lucia conducts her highly trained forces in an adapted Viking class called Veneno.  Veneno helps spot targets for the Viper’s fearsome artillery while lending fire with a powerful cannon before disappearing into the wastelands at rocket fast speed.

So that’s the Warlords. If you want to see all their stats and special gimmicks, look on the Roadkill page, or right here.

One thing to keep in mind about Vendetta on the whole is that it escalates what was begun in Highwaymen.  As your collection increases, so will your ability to use it all together. Along these lines, Vendetta features teams over solos.  For example, those warlords only come out to play as honcho of a full team.

Alright, so that’s all I’ve got for now.  I’m about to wrap up on my next novel The Mark of Caine, so it’s going to keep me busy for the next few weeks.

Until next time!