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No April Fool

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It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve checked in and now here it is April already?  Seriously? Where does the time go indeed.

I can tell you how I’ve been spending it over the last few weeks…hunched over the laptop toggling between Road/Kill: Vendetta and my next novel, The Mark Of Caine.

It’s true! I don’t just do Road/Kill.

A couple years ago, I wrote The Way of Caine for Skull Island, featuring the notorious gun-slinging warcaster of Warmachine fame, one Allister Caine.   Turns out folks wanted more, so here we are.  As of today I’m past the halfway mark of Caine’s first full novel, which is set as the first book in a trilogy, no less.  It’s aimed for an October release, so naturally I’m hitting the keys as hard as I can to make the deadline.

Meantime, I’ve got another book already wrapped and set to release sooner.  You may have seen me talking about Tales of the Invisible Hand,  or seen my publisher’s press release, but at long last it will be released at Gencon this August!   In a nutshell, Tales of the Invisible Hand is my chocolate and peanut butter coming together for a literary Reese’s cup.  By Chocolate, I of course mean World War II aviation, and by Peanut Butter, obviously refer to the Hyborean age of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian. Interested? :)  By now I’ve seen the cover and interior art, and I absolutely can’t wait to show you.  I will have a lot more to say and show off as August draws near.

As for Road/Kill, it’s going to be an equally exciting 2016, I think.  Coming off of Hot Lead 2016, I managed to run some memorable demos  and even sold some cars to get folks playing on their own!  While I’m working on the expansion rules of Vendetta, I  reckon I’ll attend a few more shows this year, so don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like to see Road/Kill in your area.  Next up is Broadsword 2016 in Hamilton on May 14.  If you are in the greater Toronto area in May and want to give the game a try or pick up some minis, then Broadsword 2016 is the place to go.  You can also place an order ahead of the show, and let me know you’ll be there to pick it up, so you can skip the shipping cost.

I’m looking to have a final plan in place for getting Vendetta published sometime in September, and of course the whole point of Vendetta is to usher in the next wave of Road/Kill miniatures.  I’m pretty stoked to say we’re already in pre-production on those new cars, by the way.  It’s worth noting the modular construction system will carry over into Vendetta, so current range models can totally be paired up with the new stuff to create more combinations of your own fiendish design.

The last chapter of Vendetta I revealed came in the form of the Honcho playtest rules. So now you’ve got an idea how team leaders will impact game strategy. Whats the next chapter of Vendetta to reveal, then?  Well, the ultimate Honcho in any team is a Warlord.  The biggest, baddest of road warriors are the warlords of Road/Kill’s four featured factions. These bad boys and girls come out to play for the biggest scenarios, with with skills and cheats all their own.  Naturally, they also have one hell of a ride.

Warlord cars are unique, to say the least. In game terms, they do follow the size classifications as with other cars (Viking, Spartan or Centurion), but they are a one-off design that may not be modified. This means the models will have parts that don’t mesh with the modular style cars!  This also means they will be able to look cooler and crazier than anything we’ve done before.

Finally, there’s one more detail from Vendetta I can reveal as you’ve now been introduced to the honchos. I’m talking about faction Feats.  Feats are a special type of play that can finish your opponent, or even pull your ass out of the fire.  They require at least a honcho to achieve, though warlords do an even better job.  Next week, I will update the playtest faction rules to include all four warlords and faction feats.  For now, here’s an example page for you to wrap your head around.

This one is Murdoch Cutter” Yolo, leader of the Wraith faction and the faction feat, Displacer Field.

Wraith Boss and Feat