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Just a little more…

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You see what I did there? Star Wars referencing in the last two blog titles.  As in, getting to the Kickstarter in August is like being an X-wing pilot with proton torpedoes locking on to the Death Star exhaust port. You get it? You…well…yeah…heh.  Ok, I digress.

Seriously, August is a week away. As an update, Elliot has modelled everything but a final pass on the Road/Kill big bad…the mighty Goliath.  Finishing this bad boy is going to add a little time before we’ll be ready; at this point we’re trending for launching the campaign mid-August, but I think it will be worth it. He’s putting all his fiendish energy into making it even more savage than before.  Imperator Furiosa should be so lucky to drive a Goliath!  :)

So what have we been up to this past week?  Well, I’ve been getting a rulebook printing finalized.  Although the Book 1 rules pdf will remain free indefinitely, I wanted you guys to have the option for a finished book in a high quality printing.  I’m looking at putting softcover, spiral bound and hardcover options for you, and we’re just in some final revisions after reviewing a first print run.


First printing!

As I said, Elliot has been modelling up a storm over his summer vacation.  Here’s a look at his latest work, starting with my favourite, the long awaited Ninja class!



In the Book 1 rules, Ninja teams act as objective vehicles.  If the Goliath could be imagined as something like a B-17 bomber, then the Ninjas are the P-51 fighter escort assigned to protect it.  As a highwayman, it’s your mission to swat these things off the Steelback as fast as they come.  And they do come in fast! Glass-jawed if you can hit them, nothing moves faster in Road/Kill than a Ninja.

Next!  We wrapped on the hard hitting Centurions last week.  I teased an image for you on twitter, but here’s a few more.  Note the Ram and Tombstone fitted to the first one.  I showed that combo on a Spartan last time, but as our weapons are modular, you can fit them to other vehicles too!

RK_Centurion_RDR_04.53_logoRK_Centurion_RDR_04.54_logoRK_Centurion_RDR_02.53_logoRK_Centurion_RDR_02.54_logoAnd speaking of weapons, that’s the last thing Elliot tackled before hitting the Goliath.  A small detail perhaps, but when finalized weapons get mounted on the existing frames, the finished product looks amazing.  Check this Viking, for example!

RK_Viking_RDR_02.47_logoRK_Viking_RDR_02.48_logoThat’s a grenade launcher in the turret, a minelayer in the back and a shotgun on the front bumper.  How badass does that look?  Here’s a look then, at the full, final sprues that will ship with the cars…missile racks, railguns, rams, flamers et al.  So many options.  :)

RK_Weapons_RDR_08.28_logoFinally, I’ve been painting these suckers up as they arrive at my door, so we can take pictures for the Kickstarter page.  So here’s a look to see how they hold up as actual minis. This is my take on Smokey and the Bandit…a  Cerulean Guard Spartan alongside a Wraith Viking.  What do you think?

IMG_20150726_201021Anyways. That’s it for now.  I’ve probably got a couple more blogs left before we launch.  I will for sure tease you with some more pix before then, including a look at some of our stretch goal swag for the campaign and of course….a sneak peek at that Goliath….so just hang in there! We’re nearly done!