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Stay the course

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 in Previous Posts | No Comments

Hey there.  I’ve been watching the Road/Kill Kickstarter last couple of weeks and perhaps let my attention wander a few other places.  I figured it was time to update the blog, as a few things have happened since.

Ok, so first up: The Kickstarter.  As of my last look, we’re at 15k with 24 days left to go.  I know how Kickstarters tend to work.  Busy to start, busy to finish and slow in the middle.  Even though we’re funded and well into the stretch goals, we are definitely in the slow middle phase right now.  Can’t say I care much for it, although the comments on the Kickstarter page have been very encouraging throughout.

One thing that seems to be taking shape is something of a Road/Kill community, even if in the early stages.  There are a number of folks keen to see all the components of the Print’n’Play kit made, even if they have to do it themselves!  In addition, some have discussed creating new components like cards, 3D printed terrain and what have you. It’s really exciting to see fresh eyes and a willingness to contribute.  Here’s one of our backers, he has taken it upon himself to represent all the game’s weapons in a card format, I suppose you would just lay them on top of your vehicle sheet.


All right, so next let’s talk about what’s next. I will continue to sell Road/Kill miniatures after we’ve fulfilled all Kickstarter orders.  I expect that will happen directly through this website.  In addition, I’m happy to say I’ve been talking to some potential new partners for the property.  I’ve also I’ve spoken to a few different suppliers about sourcing the remaining game components for Road/Kill.  Yes, I’m talking cardstock road tiles, counters, custom dice, the maneuver template.  Most of all, though, I’m talking about the elusive Command Box.  Sure you can play without one or make your own.  But to secure it as a finished component would be fantastic.  Anyways, these components would also be for sale post-Kickstarter, so anyone who needs them will have them.

Finally, work continues on into Road/Kill Book 2: Vendetta.  Since I last checked in, I’ve added a few new chapters, written about half the fluff pieces, and completed the parts list.  That is to say, I’ve itemized all the new cars, weapons and pedestrians this book will introduce so design and modelling can begin.  If you haven’t read anything about Vendetta yet, let me fill you in.  Vendetta is an expansion set that, among other things, brings clan rules to Road/Kill.  The four factions introduced in Book 1: Highwaymen are expanded with full rules, exclusive gear, and most of all, each clan features a powerful  warlord with a custom ride for you to try playing with.  Anyways, I’m aiming to have a first draft of the book by end of december, with play testing to follow.  I will probably open this up to you for feedback too.  Stay tuned there!

Right. So that’s it for now.  I hope you’ve been able to pledge for Road/Kill, I’m sure it will be an interesting finish, and the next book will be right around the corner!