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End of the Road

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Well this is it.

As promised, this will be my last blog before we launch the Road/Kill Kickstarter, and I have most definitely saved the best for last. The next time you hear from me will be to link you to the Kickstarter page itself!

It’s been quite a ride getting this far, so I thought I’d start by showing you a glimpse of the very beginning.  Skipping past the car combat movies and games that dominated my headspace in the 80’s, we arrive to 2012 and I’m in San Diego with my boy Zach for his first comic con.  Aside from the con we were there to hang with my friend Matt, the evil genius behind Privateer Press.  My kid had literally worn holes in his shoes pacing the con floor, so one night after dinner we went to Walmart for a new pair. As we strolled the toy department we get to talking about games we’d like to see. I spotted some micro scale cars and the topic of the underserved car combat genre comes up immediately.  There’s mention of Car Wars of course, and Dark Future and Thunder Road…and there was grumbling over the fact there still hasn’t been a worthy successor after all this time.  I flippantly remark that I could write rules in short order and hey, how hard could it be to make miniatures at that size, amiright? Ok, neither was easy as it turns out but it’s amazing how far ignorance and enthusiasm can take you.  Anyways, I started with these rough sketches.




I won’t bore you with all the steps in-between, but a lot of hands have helped getting them off the page since then. A lot of those steps were both forward and back. After our last Kickstarter didn’t fund, I kinda figured it was time to move on altogether.  In the end, you guys wouldn’t let me.  Emails kept asking when and where we’d try again. Then John Lauck wrote me, excited about the game and keen to manufacture the cars if I was interested. I wasn’t sure at first, but he figured he could do it at costs well below what our first partners quoted us, so I started thinking about it. Next I called Elliot, a buddy and ace modeller from our days on the Full Auto team back in 2006, to see if he could help me finish the range.  Next thing I know, we’re full on doing this.

So let’s talk about the rulebook, a.k.a. Book 1: Highwaymen. Lots of revision, playtest and polish have gone into it over the last two years, but this is it; the final version of the core rules we’re going with for the Kickstarter. I’ve kept them as a free PDF for you, but if you prefer a full color soft-cover book, you can buy it here from  If you’ve downloaded previous iterations from me before, make sure you get this latest copy right now one way or the other. Grab the free print’n’play kit too for all the paper markers and reference cards you’ll need to play.  Let me know if you’d like to see the rulebook as hardcover or spiral-bound, I can get that set up at Lulu pretty quick too.

Now lets talk about the Goliath. Last blog I promised a preview of Road/Kill’s big-bad. In this edition of Road/Kill, the Goliath is an objective vehicle…a big target with a big payload.  Sometimes it has an escort of ultra fast Ninja frames, sometimes it’s all alone out there on the futuristic highways of the Steelback.  Either way, it’s something like a B-17 Bomber on land, loaded with guns, gunners, armour and ordnance to defend itself against the likes of you.


Still pretty, but a little tame now.

In case you forgot or perhaps, never saw it, this was the Mk I back in 2013. Now behold, the Mk II! Is she not a thing of formidable beauty??


Get some!







Let me add some commentary to what you’re seeing.  Aside from packing more weapons than any other vehicle in the game, the Goliath has a few heavy duty tricks to boot.  If features a rear turret and front bumper twin-link using heavy weapons regular vehicles just can’t pull off.  Just behind the cab, you’ll note the crown jewel of her firepower, an ordnance-class weapon known as the heavy mortar.  No vehicle short of a truck can mount ordnance-class weapons, not even the beefy Centurions.  When the Goliath picks up a tail (you), watch for that thing to start spewing AOE’s that can crush vehicles a few at a time. Your only chance is to rush the thing and get to the short range sweet spot where it can’t find you.  Of course then you’re fending off those turrets…

So that’s it then.  I’ve teased everything you can expect to see in the Kickstarter now.  All that’s left is for John to activate the KS page.  As to that, you should probably go ahead and mark August 31 on your calendar.  Barring any last minute complications or surprises, that’s our projected launch date.  Since we’ve essentially built the range without your funding, this campaign is really more of a pre-order.  Our target to get funded therefore is only 1k.  Yep, a measly thousand bucks.  Considering a basic pledge level at around the $25-35 mark equipped with a generous set of cars and accessories (and a whale pledge level around $100 to get you fully loaded with some extras on the side) I anticipate we should fund in the first few hours.  After that, stretch goals will walk it up 2k at a time.  Mighty Goliath there is the last stretch goal, so how cool would it be to get her unlocked,eh?

Anyways, it’s been a blast getting this far, and I’ve got plenty more in store if you like what we started here. If you’ve been following this blog then you know I’m already into Road/Kill Book 2: Vendetta.  Some of the models to be featured there (i.e., pedestrian mobs) have even found their way into our stretch goal selection with pre-release play test rules to use them right away.

First things first though…lets not get ahead of ourselves.  I hope to see you on Kickstarter real soon!











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