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Safety In Numbers

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Tick tock!

If it’s July that means we’re only a month away from the return of Road/Kill to Kickstarter (Finally!). As I said last week, I continue to receive and paint models from both my manufacturer, John, and also my modeller Elliot.  These painted models will then be photographed for the Kickstarter page.

I’ve also been planning the stretch goals with John while writing the rules for the next Road/Kill book, Vendetta.  One thing we thought would be cool would be to include a variety of pedestrian types that would be introduced in Vendetta.  These models can either be objective fodder, or, as you’ll see below, formed into a fighting unit to actually battle vehicles!


A clan warrior painted in the colors of Cutter’s Wraiths

As a tease for some of our stretch goals, then, I introduce the Mob rules for using pedestrians in Road/Kill.  Fair warning, these are early test rules.  Mobs are not intended for use on the Steelback (not yet anyways), but you can use them in the wasteland scenario “Demolition Derby” as provided in the Road/Kill Highwayman book.  Feel free to try these out and let me know what you think!

Mob Rules! 

Not every clansman has earned an assault frame or the title of highwayman. Just the same, all clansmen are formidable warriors. So it is that clan ‘mobs’ can often be found in support of their wheeled brethren, or even independently of them. Though they are too slow to be of much use in the fast moving engagements of the Steelback, mobs have undeniable advantages elsewhere. Their sheer numbers, ability to hold ground, stage ambushes and move where vehicles can’t are all reasons to expect mobs where the fighting is thickest.

Using Mobs in Road/Kill

  • Mobs may not be used in Battlezone: Steelback
  • One mob may be substituted for a vehicle when using Team rules.
  • A mob is made with construction tokens just like vehicles, and must adhere to the build limitations of the game. (30, 34 or 38 tokens)
  • A mob counts as a KO for victory conditions when reduced to 25% of its starting size, though it will doggedly fight to the last man.


A mob rolls for initiative as vehicles do. It has base Initiative D6. 


The default movement of a mob is up to 1” in the movement phase. Models are moved individually as the player wishes, and do not conform to maneuvers as vehicles do. They may move over impassable terrain as long as they do not end their move on it, and move through obstacles without penalty. 


Mobs must attempt to maintain coherency. All models must deploy within 3” of at least one other model in the mob, and no model may end movement more than 3” from another model. If a movement phase begins with models more than 3” from other models, these models must be moved first, directly towards the nearest neighbour.


A mob is considered a single target against ranged attacks. As the individual models are difficult to hit, it does count as a fast target. For a mob to claim cover against ranged attacks, the majority of models must have cover. When a mob has been hit, it is granted a dodge saving throw. Roll a D6. On a 5+, the attack is dodged. Against AOE weapons a 6+ is required. If a mob is ultimately hit by an attack, remove the closest model(s)to the attacker, or those under the AOE for explosive attacks.

Mobs do not declare a target in the Tactical Phase as vehicles do. Rather, they declare any valid target when they activate in the Shooting phase. Each grunt model in a mob may make a shooting attack using Assault Weapons.

Assault Weapons: STR 4, RNG 12, DAM –

Combined Attack: Grunts may combine ranged attacks for added firepower. This counts as a single attack, adding +1 STR for each grunt in range of the target, to a maximum of +4. A mob may make several combined attacks in a single shooting phase, against one or multiple targets depending on their numbers and available targets. 

Four grunts eligible for a combined attack nominate a Viking target for a STR 8 attack. After they have fired, another four grunts in the same mob also within 12” of the Viking do likewise. 


Mobs can be extra deadly if allowed to swarm a vehicle. On such occasions, they tag their target with Sticky bombs. Each grunt ending movement in contact with an opposing vehicle may attempt to use a sticky bomb at the appropriate vehicle facing. The vehicle’s speed will greatly modify the chance of hitting it!

Sticky bombs: STR 7, DAM +1

Target Speed: Dead Stop 1 2 3 4 5+
Attack hits on: 1+ weakest facing 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+

Being run over: Mobs are vulnerable to being run over by vehicles. They may choose to dodge, or stand their ground with a final sticky bomb attack. For each model hit in a vehicle’s movement, either attempt to dodge or make a Sticky bomb attack at +1 TH. Remove the model after the roll, and if successful, roll to breach the vehicle at the end of its movement. If a model successfully dodges, move it to either side facing of the vehicle as it passes. Otherwise it is removed as a casualty.

Mob Construction

Base Mob (16 tokens): 8 grunts with Assault Weapons and Sticky Bombs


Add 1-8 grunts at 2 tokens per grunt
Add a Honcho: +4 tokens (0-1 per mob)
Add a Heavy Weapons Specialist: 4 tokens (0-2 per mob)
Add Accessory: 1 Booby Trap per 3 tokens (0-3 per mob)
Add Accessory: 1 Drone per 3 tokens (0-3 per mob)

Honcho: A Honcho model joins the mob. Honchos are treated as grunts, but are also trained to keep mobs combat effective. A mob with a Honcho gains +2 Initiative. Further, a Honcho may select one order for his mob in the Tactical Phase.

  • Double Time: The mob moves 2” instead of 1” and forfeits shooting.
  • Focus Fire: The mob forfeits movement and nominates a valid target in the Shooting phase. Attacks made against that target may re-roll to hit.
  • Hit the Dirt: The mob forfeits movement and gains +1 to dodge rolls this turn.
  • Heads up: The mob gains an additional +2 Initiative this turn.

Rocketeer: A Rocketeer model joins the mob. Rocketeers are treated as grunts, but carry a Rocket Launcher instead of Assault weapons and Sticky Bombs.

 Rocket Launcher: STR 8, RNG 18”, DAM -, Explosive AOE1

Accessory: Booby Traps

The mob guards against being overrun by setting traps at its perimeter. Once per turn: At any time, place a booby trap hazard marker within 6” of any model in the mob, then deviate the marker. On the roll of ‘Hit’, leave the marker in place. Booby traps are treated as a mine hazard.

Accessory: UAV Drone

A flying drone model joins the mob. It is treated as a grunt, but lacks weapons. It moves up to 3” in the movement phase, need only maintain 6” coherency with the mob, and cannot be run over. Once per turn: At any time, choose a drone in play. All enemy vehicles within 3” are at +2 TH this turn by all team models, OR suffer Scramble on 2+ at the mobs choice. In the End phase, remove this drone from play.