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Here come the Vikings!

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Last week I updated Road/Kill by mentioning we’ve printed our first set of Viking Class cars, and they have been sent ahead to our manufacturer John for casting.  Primarily, that means we’re still on track for an August Kickstarter. It also means I was able to snag one and paint it up for you over the weekend. Behold the glory of my first Viking, the Revenant!!


For the uninitiated, Vikings are the recon specialists of Road/Kill. Think exotic sports cars kitted for the wasteland. They are fast, evasive, lightly armed, and tend to perform best where scenarios have Race objectives.  However, when equipped with Holdouts like the Achilles module or Auxiliary Brakes, Vikings can ‘bang it’ (thanks to Mad Max, that is now my official lingo for battle) with the best by getting the most out of what weapons they do have.  To this point, we’ve only shown a prototype of the ‘jack of all trades’ Spartan class, and the heavy support Centurion class. Well no longer.  The Vikings are here at last!

As an introduction, I thought I’d not only paint one, but walk you through building it from the ground up through the vehicle construction rules.  So here’s the design sheet! Take a look.


  • Budget: This is a 30 Token build.  Feel free to consult the vehicle construction chapter in the free rules if you’d like to know more details about any of this process, of course!
  • Frame: I’ve chosen a Viking, obviously (as opposed to a Spartan or Centurion). This is the only free choice. They will all start eating tokens from here out. I’ve also chosen to paint it in the colors of Cutter’s Wraiths, one of the four major clans in the game.  The Wraiths are stealth specialists going by the fluff, so when I finish the next edition of Road/Kill (Vendetta, if you’re curious), that will confer some special abilities and exclusive gear (smoke launchers, for one). For now, it’s just a color choice with their chosen icon, the Jolly Roger.  Given the clan’s focus on death, I also gave it a suitable name: The Revenant!
  • Chassis: Of my two choices, I took the hardpoint front/back combo of the VAC-1 for the best weapon balance. To keep her agile, I also opted for the Rylon Brakes Perk. 3 tokens gone!
  • Body: I wanted a turret, so that means using body VTH-2.  Again I opted for a Perk, this time the Servo-spoiler; gear that helps hold the road at the high speeds. 3 more tokens gone!
  • Power Train: I opted here for speed above all, taking the High Performance Engine.  This will grant a +1 to Full Throttle rolls…effectively, my engine never misfires with that bonus. That’s 3 more tokens spent.
  • Armor: Vikings have the weakest armor, to balance their speed.  I know if I get hit, even with max values, I’m likely to take damage, so I don’t spend to max my armor at every facing.  Rather, I buy plasticized armor to avoid being gimped by scramble weapons.  Also, I’m planning to equip corrosive weapons (see below), so that allows me immunity to corrosion myself. I spend 10 tokens for 60 points of Plasticized armor, and divide it between the facings as you see on the design sheet.  If I’m playing this car right, most shots will come at my rear, so that’s the only facing I max out. My weakest points are Roof and Underbody, but these are also the least likely to get hit.
  • Weapons: So I opt to roll with a corrosive vibe on the offense, and smoke to keep me covered on the defense.  I equip Machine Guns in both the front hardpoint and up on the roof hardpoint in a Turret.  While MG’s are usually light weapons, by opting to upgrade them with Venom Rounds I’ve made them dangerous to even the heaviest armor.  Venom grants Corrosion, which means every hit has a chance to permanently degrade a target’s armor.  A Smoker in the rear hardpoint meanwhile lays down cover as I make my getaway from the head of the pack. Of course. All in all, this combo of guns costs me 6 tokens.  Only 5 left now!
  • Holdouts: The icing on the cake of my car will include a Null-Sig Module and Chaff.  Between these two holdouts, I can guarantee attackers will be at a penalty to hit me each and every turn, provided I continually alternate using them.  That’s an important detail, given my car will not stand up to many hits. For even more defense, I equip the Proximity Sensor, which makes the Smoker more effective.  Finally, I equip the Slave-Link for a little offense; it will let me fire both MG’s at once if I want to really pepper my victim. That’s 5 tokens and I’m done.

Now here’s another look at the car, from all angles.  Note that pretty much any option that can be reasonably shown on the car is.  That’s the modular construction system Road/Kill features in action, right down to the Servo Spoiler on the back end. I gotta say, the vibe I’m getting aside from colors is that this is Boba Fett’s Corvette.



So you can see how I got this car, based on the image I teased you with last week.



Obviously, the Revenant has been made with guy on the right.  Next week, I’ll give you a look at the guy on the left, and talk about some wasteland scenarios that include pedestrians.  Yes, there will be pedestrians in Road/Kill too!

Until next time…